Thursday, November 21, 2013


I post this photo everywhere just because I love it. On the left, is my dad who seems to be fixing his hair and is wearing some cool sneakers. On the right is my mum who is sporting a killer pair of flared pants. I’m pretty sure this was captured when they first started dating in New Zealand, which would have been the early eighties. The photo sums up many words: youth, innocence, nostalgia, first love, dreams, exploration, and discovery. On the photographic side, I like how the picture was captured in the “moment “ – them sitting on their first-ever owned car, in the suburban backstreets of Wellington and with a scenic view so pleasant and peaceful (for which New Zealand is). I also like how the car, the house and my dad’s shoes are all matching sky blue. What a coincidence! On the flip side, I see the “nostalgic youth” that my parents nowadays wish they could be in again. It often reminds me, no matter how annoying or frustrating my parents can be; they were once reckless teenagers too.

Mel xxx 

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