Sunday, November 24, 2013


As 2013 is soon to draw a close, its time for me to start thinking of New Years resolutions to try and achieve. I managed to succeed in a number of them this year for example, being accepted into my dream course and finally obtaining my drivers license. But besides the “big things”, I feel 2014 is going to be centered by more personal development achievements. Cleaning eating, I propose will be my first.

*(Forgive me if you follow me on my Tumblr. I noted “A New Years/Costume Party to be my first but now that has obviously changed!)*

I’ve been meaning to change up my eating system for while now but like most people, they would agree uni gets terribly in the way. It has helped that my family has made some slight changes into their diet, for example, choosing brown rice over jasmine, eating salmon for a light dinner and preferring green tea as their drink of choice. But whenever I am in a busy period, I tend to head straight for multiple cups of coffee and processed foods, which doesn’t exactly help on my immune system and overall health. Also I tend to have low-blood pressure, so sometimes my energy level isn’t so great. Getting into more wholesome foods will probably rejuvenate my system, hopefully boost up my natural energy and allows me to crave less for the tempting sweets. Posting recipes on my blog will also motivated me more to keep this goal going!

Today I started by having a piece of toast with smashed avocado, flavored in some grounded cracked pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. By lunchtime, I made a roll of sushi. I usually go and out and buy sushi for lunch while I’m at uni, so making your own is easy and money saving on your side too. Here is a basic recipe with my kitchen’s leftover ingredients to get you started:

     The sushi ingredients.


Nori seaweed sheets
Brown Rice (you can use the usual white rice and add a dash of rice vinegar, sugar and salt which makes it stick together easily and give it that sweet taste but I already had a half a cup of brown rice leftover so I used that instead)
Slices of chicken
Carrot sticks

Simply put your Nori seaweed sheet on top of the bamboo sushi mat and spread your rice on one of the edges. Add your filling ingredients and simply roll the mat to create the sushi roll. Gently un-roll it and cut into pieces. Serve with soya sauce.

     Spreading the rice.

     Adding the filling ingredients.

     Good and nutritious for lunch!

And there you go! My pictures aren’t the best but it gives you the idea. I’m planning to make more sushi roll variations now.

Mel xxx 


  1. These are such lovely resolutions! Great pictures.

    xo, Meera |
    twitter + instagram: @meeranavlakha