Friday, November 29, 2013


Thanks to The Man Repeller for this awesome image. I love avocados too.

So, sometimes I re-read my blog posts just to make sure it makes absolute sense. But from being a little tired in the past few days and not being acutely aware of my current state-of-mind, I have created typos in my posts. In my last three posts, I manage to catch at least 3 typos! But blah, I can’t be bothered to fix them. I probably will have more typos here. However, you’re probably just thinking “Calm down Mel; we still get ya.” But I’m thinking “No! My first native language is still not good enough!” I think this past year, I’ve realised I am a perfectionist. Maybe it’s the innate designer in me, who visualizes things even before it goes onto paper or patterns. And it has to be perfect. Somehow it has transferred into my writing, where I have to manage sounding smart and making sense yet be arguably hilarious as well (I’ve been reading The Man Repeller and damn she’s funny). I think I get to the point that I see something so many times, my eyes hurt and I’m blinded by the sight of wording problems. And design problems. Or I don’t know. I know typos are just mistakes by why does it have to happen? Ugh. Miss so-called Perfectionist is just blabbering right now and she doesn’t know what she is saying. She doesn’t make sense either. (My bad).

PS. Is it just me? Or are you also a perfectionist?

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