Saturday, November 30, 2013


As of late, I have noticed celebrities getting into the fashion blogging scene, posting outfits they like to wear or re-blogging things that inspire them on Tumblr. Blogging isn’t just segmented to the bored-girl-who-wants-something-to-do type (hmm, that might describe me). But celebrities too are getting onto the bandwagon of OOTD postings, in between their hectic schedules. I do realize that celebrities are normal like me (just with a high status job and resulting in a well-earned paycheck). So, why wouldn’t they want to blog stuff? I mean they are ordinary people after all. Speaking of which, Glee star Becca Tobin launched her blog June Moss a couple of months ago and whether you are Glee fanatic or a fashionista (I’m both), you will most probably like her blog. She names her blog after her two style icons: her grandma June “the pioneer of High Low, example pairing a five dollar necklace with Chanel shoes” and Kate Moss – “no explanation necessary.” And it’s evident in her imagery. There is an Oyster magazine feel to her photographs. And in terms of her sense in style, she has a very classy look going on. She pairs A-line skirts with fluffy sweaters, masters a sixties style with a high neck turtle, a black leather mini skirt and John Lennon-esque sunglasses; and combats a school-girl look with a grey sweater with a collar poking out and a super cute leather overall dress. Becca also mixes the vintage, the affordable and the luxurious subtly well. I suddenly feel the urge to look “effortlessly cool” in polaroid-like pictures.

Are there any celebrity blogs you like?


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  1. I love Ashley Madekwe's style blog,
    I've followed since her secret diary of a call girl days but you may know her from revenge!

    maddie x

  2. Yes! I remember she has a blog too. I like her classic/casual style!