Sunday, April 6, 2014


Micro version of my backpack. Yee!

DAY 96 | This is a pretty bland photo but how cute is my mini backpack? Imagine it in full scale with crazy and poppy prints, a few pockets here and there and bits of leather to sophisticate-it-up a notch. Could you imagine me being one of those designers who also produces a handbags range? Who would be up for that? I'd be following in the footsteps of Chanel, Proenza Schouler and Alexander Wang. Exciting! Though it seems like my career status has broadened from: womenswear to menswear, blogger, journalist, photographer, social-media enthusiast, accessories designer...what else can I add? xxx

P.S. Project 365 will be changing its format in the next week or so. Which means more room for other posts and such! Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Pretty colourful things to come!

DAY 95 | When I was researching handbags at the various Paris Fashion Weeks, I realised two things: 1) there were tonnes of clutches; 2) there was a lack of clutches in vibrant, poppy, bright colours. I asked myself - why? Why weren't there any fashionistas sporting a rainbow-chic handbag or clutch? Why did they favour the leather luxury item so much? Honestly, I am not a huge fan of leather so I got bored of seeing leather-leather-leather 20 times in a row. I say, enough is enough! Besides my interest in the minimalism look (perhaps I'm just lazy and need a uniform), I am willing to go the extra mile by wearing a colourful handbag - or in my case, by designing my own range. The paint swatches above are my first few digital print options. What do you think? I'm ready to conquer the world with my colourful printed accessories! Watch out PFW! xxx

Friday, April 4, 2014


DAY 94 | Friday morning's are the worst times for a class, especially when it is an 8.30am start (meaning I have to wake up at 6.30 in order to get into the city on time!) Was so tempted to sleep in but I would have missed out on this fun workshop. All we did was paint! Forgot how much I miss art, colour and it's fun, playful nature. Beats drawing lines, making patterns and being so technical. This is is the fun side of fashion school. Can we do this again? xxx

The classes art work pieces.

Paint dyed the calico pieces first and then pinned on plant shapes for its imprints to be transferred.

Once it sits in the sun, the dye somehow absorbs away from the shapes on top and leaves imprints of the "ghost of leaves past"embedded onto the fabric. How cool is that?

Thursday, April 3, 2014


The beginnings of dissolving textiles...

DAY 93 | In my Monday's studio class, we experimented with a fabric called SOL-U-WEB and pretty much watched it dissolve and melt on a mannequin. After 2 seconds of slowly watching it melt, I started to yawn, got bored and was ready to go to bed. I  also had a minor freak out because I am no way conceptually creative to pull off this kind of work. But after some desperate need of sleep and a fresh-awakened mind, the next few days I attempted to be more enthusiastic about this science-fashion combo. I researched more into dissolving textiles and I found this textile artist called Amanda McCavour (google her) who has some really interesting projects and installations. She basically repetitively sews her drawings onto dissolving fabrics and when it melts away, it becomes these cleverly stitched outlines shapes in the forms of flowers, birds and even household items. I've attempted her practice above with a few pieces. So needless to say, my mind has changed. I'm not bored anymore! I'm excited to start this new adventure. xxx   

PROJECT 365 | DAY 90, 91 & 92! AKA. OOPS I'M LATE

Oops, I'm late!

Sorry for my sudden departure. I've been ridiculously busy with assignments. But fear not, I'm back with a sum up post of my past 3 days. This may have to be a regular thing now as I am in the "busy- unilyf- period-mode" In saying that though; I've had time to think more about blogging and I''m hoping to take my blog/s to the next level with a new makeover and such. So, bear with me! It's going to take some time. Anyway, here are some pictures of Project 365. More from me later xxx

DAY 90This was totally un-planned! My friend Linda and I came into uni wearing nearly the exact same thing. Coincidence! This is my sloppy uni outfit. Whenever I am in a rush or can't be bothered planning my next outfit, I tend to slip on a dress, wear a knit on top and pair it with my boots. I'm kind of over this combo though. I'm also thinking about having a makeover with my wardrobe. Nothing too drastic! But I want a bit of a change. I'm currently into the minimalism look (do I sound like a typical fashion student?)

DAY 91 | After the MIFGS, I crammed my handbags folio, spec sheets and presentation boards in about a week before submission! Came up with this design concept consisting of a backpack, made up of a custom digital print, with leather details, leather drawstring cords (adjustable to be made into shoulder straps or backpack straps) and with pockets! I'm hoping I can use this while I'm over in Paris while travelling. I'm also hoping to make the pockets detachable so it can come off and become a clutch...that I can use for Paris Fashion Week?! Hmmm.

DAY 92 | I confess. I am having MIFGS withdrawals. I'm seeing flowers and plants everywhere! It is sad that it is now over - as I have said a million times. But every time I see a branch, twig, flora or fauna like these wild flowers, I consider using them for my "flower and garden show project". But then I have to remind myself, I'm not in it anymore! I've become more appreciate of nature though. I'm obsessed with the textures of wild flowers and I just want to decorate them all over my house! 

Monday, March 31, 2014


To read the original article, click here.

Comfort is key when it comes to decorating your space and sometimes all it takes is a blanket or a cushion to make your place feel a little more like home.  Can’t find the perfect item though? Don’t worry. I have you covered! Here are the instructions for making your own personalised cushion.
What you will need:
Fabric of your choice
Needle & Thread
Sewing Machine
What you need to do:
Step 1:
Cut out the fabric in the size you prefer. I used the measurements 35 x 31cm.
Step 2:
With the right sides facing towards each other (wrong side facing up), sew 3 of the 4 side’s together, approximately 6mm- 1cm from the edge. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can easily hand sew these pieces with a needle and thread with tight stitches.
Step 3:
Turn your pillowcase inside out and give it a good iron to flatten the edges and corners. Make sure the iron is on the correct setting suitable for the fabric you are using.
Step 4:
Measure how much trim you require and hand sew the pom pom trimmings onto one side of the pillowcase. Do this to all four edges of the pillowcase.
Step 5:
Stuff your pillowcase with stuffing!
Step 6:
Fold the non-trimmed side inwards to 1cm and pin it to the trimmed side. Close the pillowcase by hand sewing the edges back together.
Tip: Pin your fabric pieces and trims along the way so it is nice and secure when you sew!
Style On,
Melissa Him

Sunday, March 30, 2014


 The ceiling of the Royal Exhibition Centre. Beautifully royal!

DAY 89 | Today was the last day of the MIFGS, so went into the Royal Exhibition Centre this afternoon to dismantle my mannequin. It was so sad to rip up my work of art because well, I worked so hard on it! In 10-15 minutes, my floral fashion piece was gone. My photographs are the only things that will serve me memories of my process and finished product. As soon as I realised this though, something gave my brain a "aha!" moment and that light bulb feeling. Our life is transient and it is through photographs, we can capture moments, thoughts, feelings and events in stills - so we can relive our past and bring back memories when we want to. You may think "Duh! This isn't anything new!" But really, think about it. I think this is the reason why I began Project 365. To bring in any image whether its currently new or from the past, talk about it, analyse it and maybe even trigger some inspiration for my design work, like this picture above (I'm already thinking of creating a royal themed collection with these prints). Anyway, you know what they say. A picture paints a thousand words. I wonder how many words - or designs - this image will create? xxx